TheBizBook has launched!

TheBizBook has launched!

Mel from Mackintosh Casting has created and launched TheBizBook. With over 23 years experience in the biz she felt compelled to create an online industry resource directory for Artists because nothing reliable existed anywhere, but it was so obviously needed.

What is TheBizBook?
We are Australia’s first and only online resource directory of its kind. We are creating one reliable platform where Artists and relevant business can come together and connect with each other. Artists can do their industry research and businesses have detailed profile pages where they can be discovered by their core customer market.
We are an ever-growing directory and encourage members to leave reviews for businesses they have personally engaged with. As we grow and the more reviews are left for businesses, the more enriched with information the site becomes for everyone. We believe that leaving reviews and recommendations is the perfect way for Artists to empower each other and help one another make informed career decisions.

Is it just a review site?
No, we offer so much more! Business and Artist memberships offer some awesome advantages, and can access different features when logged in. Check out our ‘How it Works’ page to learn more.

What else do we offer?

All members (both businesses and artists) are invited to join our private Facebook group where we share exclusive content, interviews, live videos, support and regularly answer industry questions. We recently launched #RoundtableFriday where members share their wins, showreels links, headshots, auditions, bookings and breakthroughs every fortnight for constructive feedback or feel good vibes. It’s proving to be a really inclusive, supportive initiative and a favourite amongst our members.
We are updating and adding new features to TheBizBook all the time. We’ve got some really cool upgrades being developed behind the scenes as you read this very sentence.
We would love you to be part of our community. So go on, join us. We know you’re going to love it……Mel Mackintosh